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Count Your Blessings – The Power of Positive Thinking
I remember being told as a child to count my blessings, but the suggestion always had a negative connotation to it; "There are starving people in Africa, you'd better count your blessings you have food to eat every better count your blessings I didn't ground you for a week after what you just did." This one always got me; ...more»
The Prosperity Stroll
I've been pondering on the "New Thought" movement that became popular in the 1800's. People like Quimby, Holmes, Mary-Baker Eddy (who was actually a student of Quimby), Wattles, Fillmore and the rest. It's interesting how this collective group of consciousness was downloaded to so many people at about the same time. Now I'm not an historian so no dotting the ...more»
The Connection of Body, Mind & Spirit with Hypnosis
The Connection of Body, Mind & Spirit with Hypnosis One of the things an individual learns when they come to the ISHI School of Hypnosis Training is that they are not just the physical body, but they are a spirit; the living consciousness that gives the body its life and animation. Why don't we already know this - why do we ...more»
Your Belief in Abundance is Rooted in Your Childhood
Debi Livingston-Boushey shares how: Anyone can move from where they are to a more abundant life To receive the abundance you deserve To move out of your comfort zones and embrace change You can clean out your our old beliefs and replace them with new more successful beliefs To handle money and the energy of money to attract it easier ...more»
The Truth About Hypnosis – Debi Livingston-Boushey
Click Here or the Banner above to Register for this Remarkable FREE Call Series Although hypnosis has been practiced for many, many centuries, it still remains misunderstood and misrepresented by much of society today. Recently, a national morning show had a series on hypnosis. A hypnotist had several people in trance who were acting out various suggestions. On a given cue, they ...more»